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as a Coach at Vellinge Golfgymnasium


In 1999, I had the pleasure of becoming  the project manager of a

Golf College in Vellinge. Since the conditions and the golf culture in

Vellinge Municipality were and are of the highest order,, there was never any doubt

 of my accepting  this offer.

In 2000 ,I began as a headmaster ,responsible for the course content, instructors, guest lecturers etc.

Over the years,the Golf gymnasium has attracted the best players with a multitude of skills.

Choosing the tour life,working as an instructor ,have a career or taking  an active leadership role at their home club has become a matter of course for  most of the students. I feel immensely privileged to be working with young people in environments where both the development and growth of the individual is in focus.

Swilcan Bridge October 2011

Swilcan Bridge

October 2012

Hole in one April 2014

Masters 2009 (på plats)

             R&A 2017

Longest Drive at Flommen 2014

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