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coaching experiences



Vellinge GK and
Albatross GK
Vellinge Golfgymnasium

        As a head coach at Vellinge Golfgymnasium

                     (Upper Secondary school)

-lot of the time in grade 2-3 is ”target image” coaching.

 (Total  approx. 5800 hours the past 21 years)

- as a tutor for grade 3 and their ”Gymnasiearbete” I have in recent years gathered at me a little over 1000 hours of Mentor Coaching .

       As a Headpro at Albatross GK and Vellinge GK

                   (Albatross 8 years and Vellinge 20 years)

- Coaching assignments at National and International level .

- Elite Coaching for both lady and men's team. (Elitserien)

- Several hours of coaching individual top players.    

                  (More than 7000 hours since 1989)

- As a headmaster of Vellinge Golf Gymnasium , I settled an international cooperation and exchange between Vellinge Golfgymnasium Elmwood College and Dundee university. (since 2004)

              As a project coach (since 1999)

 for Vellinge Golf Gymnasium I am 100% responsible for               relationships with appropriate trainers, clubs, sponsors, distriktsförbund, national federations, other golf colleges, management, teams, etc .


- I´m also one of (together with the Swedish Golf Federation) the designers of the existing authorization criteria for the NIU ”golf gymnasiums” in Sweden.


St Andrews project
Project Coach

                   Coaching skills

I consider myself to have a sharp ability to read people's learning style, body language, moods, attitudes, self-image and everything else related to life.


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